Hey! My name is Tobias Cornille
& I'm a full-stack engineer at segments.ai

JavaScript Python Vue React React Native PyTorch Django SQL Ruby on Rails TypeScript Java C++ HTML CSS

Selected projects

Data Labeling Platform for Computer Vision


Segments.ai is a YC-backed startup building a data labeling platform for computer vision. As the first employee, I have to wear many hats; I work on front and back end, on ML-powered features, and on our marketing and strategy. Here are some things I shipped since I joined:


Vue Three.js Python Django Hugging Face AWS

Expressive Speech Synthesis

KU Leuven - Acapela Group

For my Master's thesis, I developed ConEx, a text-to-speech model that can produce speech in a certain speaking style, while also allowing local prosody adjustments. ConEx builds on a powerful Transformer-based TTS architecture, but adds a reference encoder to learn global prosody embeddings, and a VQ-VAE to create fine-grained prosody embeddings. I also proposed a new method to edit prosody locally. After training the model, I showed that the model enables multi-level prosody control by performing experiments on two datasets.The thesis received a grade of 19/20. It also made it to the finals of the EOS prize, the prize for the best scientific thesis in Flanders. Furthermore, the thesis was the basis of a paper titled Interactive Multi-Level Prosody Control for Expressive Speech Synthesis, which I wrote in collaboration with my thesis supervisors. It was published at ICASSP 2022, the leading conference on acoustics, speech and signal processing.


PyTorch ESPNet

Biomedical Data & NLP


During the summer of 2020, I worked at Invitae as a full-stack intern. More specifically, I worked on parts of Moon, which is an AI tool that diagnoses rare diseases from genetic sequence data.My first project involved extracting data from biomedical databases, transforming the data, and then extending a part of the UI to visualize the data.Secondly, I improved a text labeling algorithm that helps employees process academic papers more quickly. I ran experiments and implemented an improved machine learning algorithm in Python using the spaCy NLP framework. At the end of my internship, we successfully deployed the improved service.


spaCy pandas Ruby on Rails Flask

Native Newspaper App

Twipe Digital Publishing

In August 2019, I worked as a front-end intern at Twipe. They create digital apps for publishers. I worked on a very small team developing a new React Native version of their main newspaper app. I got to write production code from day one and had a lot of responsibility as an intern, which allowed me to learn and grow quickly.


React Native Redux TypeScript

Game of Wolves

KU Leuven

Game of Wolves is a browser-based, traditional role playing game (RPG), intended to be played on a smartphone. It adopts cutting-edge technologies like face recognition and augmented reality and also uses specific features of smartphones like the GPS and camera to create an exciting user experience.We developed this game with a team of 6 computer science students during the academic year of 2018-2019. This project was my bachelor's thesis at KU Leuven.


React.js Redux node.js mongodb


MSc Computer Science
KU Leuven

Major in Artificial Intelligence
Graduated Summa Cum Laude

Sep 2019 - Jul 2021

Erasmus+ Exchange
T├ęcnico Lisboa

Sep 2019 - Jun 2020

BSc Informatica
KU Leuven

Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Sep 2016 - Jun 2019

Professional Experience

Full-Stack Engineer

Developing new labeling interfaces and ML-assisted labeling tools. Also worked on UI design and marketing.

Aug 2021 - present

Full-stack Intern

Implemented a machine learning tool to automatically label texts & extended their Moon web app with biomedical data.

Aug-Sep 2020

Front-End Intern

Internship at a digital publishing company: worked on their next-gen newspaper app.

Aug 2019

Extracurricular Activities

Hackathon Organizer
Academics For Technology

Main organizer of WhatTheHack, the biggest student hackathon of Belgium (~250 participants).

May 2017 - May 2019

Academics For Technology

Implemented a strong marketing strategy. Designed marketing material and created a style guide.

May 2020 - May 2021

BEST Lisbon

Member of a European student organisation, helping with graphic design and event organization.

Oct 2019 - Jun 2020