Hey! My name is Tobias Cornille. I'm a creative computer science student and I love learning, building & making an impact.

JavaScript React React Native Node.js Python Django R SQL MongoDB Java C C++ MATLAB Haskell HTML CSS

Selected projects

Native Newspaper App

Twipe Digital Publishing

In August 2019, I worked as a front-end intern at Twipe. They offer a SaaS platform for edition creation, distribution & triggers. I worked on a very small team developing a new React Native version of their main newspaper app. I got to write production code from day one and had a lot of responsibility as an intern, which allowed me to learn and grow quickly.

React Native Redux Redux-Saga TypeScript Agile development



Comoon is a spontaneous hangout platform. Comoon makes it dead-simple for you to setup events and for your friends, or other cool people, to join you.

I'm co-founding Comoon with Simon Wijckmans. We are planning to launch a minimum lovable product soon in select cities.

Responsibilities: Front-End Development, Back-End Development
Link: comoon.app

React Native Expo Redux Firebase

Wandel app



Wandel is a mobile app that makes exploring cities easier than ever. Create interesting walking routes at the touch of a button. The routes take you along some of the coolest places in town, based on your preferences.

We developed this app for the User Centered Design course at Técnico Lisboa and are planning to finish and launch it soon.

Responsibilities: Front-End Development, UI, UX
Link: github.com/tobiascornille/wandel-app

React Native Expo Redux

Parkinson Detection

For the Data Science course at Técnico Lisboa we analysed a dataset of voice signal data to try to detect whether someone suffers from Parkinson's disease. We used data science techniques to explore and preprocess the data and to perform unsupervised learning and classification.

python pandas scikit-learn

Game of Wolves

Game of Wolves is a browser-based, traditional role playing game (RPG), intended to be played on a smartphone. It adopts cutting-edge technologies like face recognition and augmented reality and also uses specific features of smartphones like the GPS and camera to create an exciting user experience.

We developed this game with a team of 6 computer science students during the academic year of 2018-2019. This project was my bachelor's thesis at KU Leuven.

Responsibilities:  Front-End Development, UI Design

React.js Redux node.js mongodb


BSc Informatica
KU Leuven

Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Sep 2016 - Jun 2019

MSc Computer Science
KU Leuven

Major in Artificial Intelligence

Sep 2019 - Present

Erasmus+ Exchange
Técnico Lisboa

Sep 2019 - Present

Professional Experience

Front-End Intern

Internship at a digital publishing
company, worked on their next-gen
newspaper app

Aug 2019

Various Student Jobs

First professional experience.
Facilities, SharePoint, IT support.

Aug 2015, Jul 2016, Aug 2017

Photographer & Videographer

Event photography & aftermovie production. Clients including KU Leuven, Knorr, Spice Agency, Emergent, ...


Hackathon Organizer
Academics For Technology

Main organizer of WhatTheHack, the biggest student hackathon of Belgium (almost 250 participants).

May 2017 - May 2019

BEST Lisbon

Member of a European student organisation, helping with graphic design and event organization.

Oct 2019 - Present

Wina Leuven

Marketing, graphic design and social media management.

April 2017 - June 2019